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Indian railways have set some appropriate guidelines, rules and numbers that facilitate the passengers throughout their journey. One such number is the PNR number. Indian railways passenger name record is quite a versatile number providing passengers with variety of travel information. Amongst the important information, booking status, arrival, departure and current location of the train are inclusive. Hence, the passengers must keep this crucial number preserved for it can make their journey easier and ecstatic. Not just the journey information, passengers can avail their seat numbers and train coach details as well using this ten digit PNR number. Overall, PNR number proves to be highly useful in rendering accurate information to the passengers.

Check PNR status of IRCTC

The ten digit PNR number is an enthralling way to get all the details about your train journey. Checking the PNR status using this number is highly facile. Even the least qualified people can check their train status using the information provided here.

  • Enter the PNR Number in the search bar where "PNR Status" is written.
  • Click "Check PNR Status" button to get your detailed PNR Status including booking status, seat number and other details.

You must keep in mind that when you check your PNR Status online, the PNR number is present at the top-left corner. While, in your printed e-ticket, PNR Number occupies top half of the whole ticket page. This is enough to show how crucial the PNR Number is.

Functioning of the PNR Number

Do you often wonder how a ten digit number can give you all the train information you need? All this has to do with the Indian Railways Database. The Centre of Railway Information Systems or CRIS possess a database wherein all the information about latest train transactions and booking are present. Whenever a person books train ticket, this system generate a unique ten digit number especially for that particular person. All this information gets stored in the database to facilitate checking of train status. Even if the person books multiple tickets, the PNR Number generated by the CRIS is single and unique. This PNR number is capable of rendering the passenger with details about every ticket booked under it.

What is this 10 digit number in your railway ticket?

This is known as a PNR Number.PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It points to a record in the Passenger Reservation system and has details about the itinerary of the passenger. It is identified in the Reservation system by a record locator. The record contains journey details like the following:

  • Passenger Details(Name,age,Sex)
  • Ticket Details(Train No,From,To,BoardingStation,ReservationUpto,Class,Berth,Quota,Travel date)
  • Transaction/Payment Details(Transaction Id, PaymentMode, Ticket Charge)

How did it originate?

It originated with the airline industry where passengers had to commute through multiple airlines to reach their final destination ('interlining').Thus, it was important for every passenger to have a unique identification number so that their journey status can be tracked.

Why is there a hyphen after 3 digits in the PNR Number?

That is because the first three digits have a meaning and the last seven digits are randomly generated numbers to maintain the unique identity of the passenger. They do not represent any information regarding the ticket or the person.

The first three digits represent the PRS (Passenger Reservation System.)location from where the ticket has been booked. The First digit depends upon the zone of the train with respect to the starting station of the train

What is PNR Status?

When a ticket is booked, it is not always confirmed. It can be in RAC(Reservation Against Cancellation)or waiting.This status is shown against the PNR number of the ticket.

The above ticket shows that the status is confirmed.

Benefits of PNR Status

PNR Status is highly crucial if you're about to go on a train journey. You must keep it in mind to check the status every once in a while. This will provide you information about your train status, booking status, seat confirmation, train number, seat number and many others. Following are the reasons why you must focus on your PNR status. Seat Reservation PNR Status is an amazing way to know all the information about your train seat. If at the time of booking, your booking status was under "waiting", you must be cautious. Checking your PNR status every once in a while proves to be fruitful. Along with providing information about your booking status, it informs you about the seat numbers and other crucial details. Provides Information Beforehand PNR Status enlightens you with your seat status of the ticket booked. If the tickets do not get confirmed, you can avail alternative modes of transport to render the journey successful. Waiting for the seat allotment charts at the railway stations isn't reliable at all. Information about Seats and Coaches Once your ticket is confirmed, another task comes in your hand. The task is to find out if the seat information. This includes your seat number, berth number, train coach where the seat is located and many such important details. Overall, PNR Number is a great way to facilitate passengers with important information in an easy, reliable and facile manner. This initiative by the Indian railways is astonishing and more such initiatives must be taken. It will not only help the travelers but also elevate the status of the Indian Railways.

Check PNR Status

You can Get your Indian Railway PNR status by following ways:

  1. Online through the websites:
  2. You can check your PNR status online from these websites.
    • Find Train Info
    • Indian Railways This is Indian Railways official portal. It is designed and maintained by CRIS(Centre For Railway Information Systems).
  3. Through Call:
  4. Dial 139 and talk to operator.
  5. Through the SMS
  6. You can Get PNR status of your ticket through mobile by sending SMS.
    • SMS PNR [ Your PNR number ] to 139 For Eg:PNR 3045678976
    • This service is currently available on Aircel,Airtel,BSNL,IDEA,LOOP,MTNL,MTS,Reliance,Tata,Uninor,Vodafone Operators.It is also available at USSD for eliance and UninorOperators.Just Dial *139#.Charges are Rs.3 per sms.

    • SMS PNR [Your PNR Number] to 5676747 or just the PNR Number to 5676747 For eg:PNR 5676543456 or 5676543456 This is maintained by railzone.
  7. Railway Enquiry Counters
  8. Reservation charts: They are prepared before two or three hours of train departure time and is pasted on the notice board of railway platforms.

What are the types of PNR Status and what do they mean?

  1. CNF(Confirmed Ticket): This status is printed when there are available tickets to the desired location.
  2. RAC(Reservation against Cancellation):RAC tickets are most likely to get confirmed by the time of chart preparation and passenger get a ticket. If it is not confirmed even after chart preparation, then 2 passengers have to share a lower berth. Priority is always given to RAC tickets and they are accommodated in the berths which are cancelled after the chart preparation.
  3. WL(Waiting List Tickets): There are different types of waiting List.They come under different quotas as the following:
    • PQWL:PQWL means Pooled Quota waiting List. When u book ticket to a station which is having pooled quota(intermediate station quota) and if all tickets are booked then u get pooled quota waiting list ticket. Pooled Quota is for specific stations which share the pooled quota tickets. They are generally minor stations and not the major ones. This benefits the long distance travelers.
    • RLWL:RLWL means Remote Location Waiting List and it is issue for intermediate locations between source and destination station. These are for lesser important stations and have less priority for confirmation. They do not even get RAC provision.
    • RLGN:RLGN means Remote location general waiting List. This type of wait list is from intermediate station to destination station. It has high chances of confirmation if anyone from the same station cancels the ticket. Else it will be confirmed once the chart is prepared.
    • RQWL:RQWL means request waiting list ticket. If ticket is booked from 1 intermediate station to other intermediate station and is not covered under general quota, remote quota or pooled quota then waiting list goes into request waiting list. Chances of confirmation are very less and it gets confirmed only when tickets of similar stations are cancelled.
    • CKWL:CKWL means Tatkal quota waiting list ticket. This ticket is only confirmed when another tatkal ticket is cancelled so chances of confirmation are very low. General Quota may get RAC but tatkal Quota gets no RAC.
    • GNWL:GNWL means General Quota Waiting List. These tickets are issued when ticket is from originating station or station nearer to origination station to destination station or nearer to destination station This kind of ticket (GNWL) has high chances of confirmation.
    • LDWL:LDWL means ladies quota waiting list. This waiting list ticket is against the ladies quota reservation. Tickets can be confirmed if another woman cancels her confirmed ticket.